Day: September 10, 2008

I don’t know if you heard, but Lain and I write a blog.  Some people even like it.

And lucky for us, some of the people who like it started a new website called Regator, which basically collects awesomeness from the whole wide internet and then says, “Hey!  Read this why dontcha!”*

Regator Launch Party at Paste Magazine featuring Amelia, Lain, and Reg

(Photo courtesy of  More photos from the event here!)

That’s Lain and me with Regator’s mascot, Reg (note: Lain and I both minored in posing).  Regator hosted a launch party at Paste Magazine offices in Decatur and invited bloggers who they like.  That’s my understanding, anyhow.

In truth, all I know is they sent the invite to Lain for the both of us, but then only my nametag was printed.  Success!

The night was full of awkward introductions (example: “I read your blog all the time and just think you’re the coolest… err, I mean, nice to meet you!) and open bar advantage-taking, so everything pretty much evened out.

Awkward adoration aside, it really was neat to meet the faces behind the words.  The Asian Cajuns were delightful as always, About Town‘s Elizabeth is a real live nice person, and the ladies from Dad’s Garage and Out of Hand theater were a treat.  Though you might know them from their “work” at “Google.”

Thanks to the Regator team for hosting this delightful soiree, and hi to everyone we met!  Sorry I don’t remember your names!  Free drinks!

* Lain adds, “Regator is like Google Reader meets Digg, and their baby is adorable, quick, and easy to use.  If you’re into that sort of thing.”

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