Month: August 2008

Lain and I will be at the Decatur Book Festival all day Saturday and Sunday.

We’ll spend the daylight hours being gregarious and talkative, and the nighttime being exhausted from behaving so far outside of our comfort zones.

Team Wren's Nest

(Smiling through the pain last year.)

Please come enjoy the festival, say hi at our tent (on Ponce), and take advantage of the best yearly opportunity to feel smart and literary while drinking beer.

If you don’t know what’s going on, take a look over at Paste Magazine’s new blog, Local:Atlanta.  They gave Lain (along with Baby Got Books, Wordsmiths Books, and Laurel Snyder) the opportunity to tell you what to do with yourself.  Take it from Paste!  Who took it from Lain!  Among others!

More fun: our storytellers will have the main children’s stage Saturday at 2pm. Huzzah! They’ll also be sprinkled throughout the festival both days, performing here and there.

But most importantly, please visit us on Sunday from 2 – 5pm at Several Dancer’s Core on the square. There we’ll be hosting a coffee house-themed literary salon to honor Vernacular, our teen-produced literary journal.

Vernacular Literary Journal Cover

Readings, musical performances, and much, much more await you.

Well, not much more, but the Editors would surely appreciate your support.

Thanks, and see you there!

What are you doing on Saturday, September 27th?

Having Taqueria del Sol for dinner? Enjoying a rolicking good time with your friends? Contributing to a good cause? Jamming like you’ve never jammed before?

How about doing all of the above in ONE PLACE?! No, it doesn’t involve witchcraft.

Kingsized at the Wren's Nest!

It’s the Wren’s Nest’s annual fundraising concert!

We’re pleased as punch that the legendary Kingsized will be blowing the roof off our open-air amphitheater, and that sweet, sweet Taqueria del Sol will be providing the sustenance. Will I ever tire of their tacos? All signs points to: nope, not ever.

You can buy your tickets ($60 per person; dinner and swell times included) here at the Wren’s Nest or via credit card over the phone (404-753-7735). We’re working to set up ticket purchasing online, too. You’ll be the first to know when that happens, promise.

September 27th is rapidly approaching (see: what?!), so buy your tickets now! Or, if you must, tomorrow.

As you all hopefully know, the Decatur Book Festival is this weekend.  First and foremost, yippee!

Decatur Book Festival 2008

Just as in the past two years, the Wren’s Nest will have a booth at the Festival, so you should totally drop by.  I believe we’ll be by Church St. on Ponce de Leon. Our booth will be the white one.

Last year Lain drank beer while making Outdoorsman Matt do all the talking.

Lain drinking beer at the Decatur Book Festival

Things should be similar this year.

Also similar to last year: we will be selling the product of The Wren’s Nest Publishing Co.’s hard work.  This year it’s called Vernacular.

Vernacular Literary Journal Cover

(Note: This outstanding cover was done by a whippersnapper named Zach who totally needs work.  Interested?  Email him here:

To review, Vernacular:

  • is comprised totally of artwork and written pieces by Atlanta-area teenagers
  • was edited fully by six teenagers who worked on the journal throughout the summer
  • is the only publication created by and for the Decatur Book Festival
  • sells for $5, and 100% of proceeds go to ensuring we can do the program in 2009
  • is totally awesome, and buying it counts as your good deed for the day

So far so good, right?  We’ve got a booth on a street everyone can find, our literary magazine came together beautifully, and you’re coming by to say hello and buy things.  What could be better?

Well, it would be nice if we had books to sell at the book festival.

Due to our immense and overwhelming popularity (and some guy named Joel Chandler Harris), we’ve been having a lot of trouble keeping some of our most popular books in stock.  It seems like we’re ordering them every few days, yet we’re constantly running out.

The worst culprit is this guy:

The Classic Tales of Brer Rabbit

(This may literally be the last copy we have.)

We’ve currently got about a million copies back-ordered, but we’re not sure if they’ll make it in time for the festival.  Cross your fingers for us!

Today CNN en Español is taping their program En Familia here at the Wren’s Nest.

CNN Espanol Cameramn filming at the Wren's Nest

I’m pretty sure the title of this specific program will be called “¡Este Museo Heule a Mierda!”, based on the fact that they kept on saying that over and over again.  I believe it roughly translates to, “This Is a Great Museum!”

The show will feature stories about storytelling from around the world, but it’ll be based at the Wren’s Nest.  Man, it sure does pay to be right down the street from CNN.

En Familia is hosted by Carolina Escobar, who was late but forgiven.

CNN Espanol's Carolina Escobar

CNN en Español reaches every continent ending in ‘merica, which is good because most of our foreign visitors hail from Europe and Asia.  We need to diversify our portfolio.

I’m not sure what kind of legacy Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit have in Spanish speaking countries.  We do have a copy of La Fiesta del Zorro from Argentina, but I think we’re bigger in Japan.  They sent their film crew first, anyway.

La Fiesta del Zorro- Joel Chandler Harris in spanish!

Just in case nobody had heard of Brer Rabbit, the film crew suggested that my sister bring over my family’s Song of the South poster.

Song of the South poster

Apparently Disney goes a long way in terms of Latin American street-cred.

The crew, the producer, and Mrs. Escobar have all been terribly gracious and promise they’ll send along the final video when it’s finished.  I’ll upload it if I can.

They all used to be on the letterhead of the Uncle Remus Memorial Association.

Uncle Remus Memorial Association Letterhead: Woodrow Wilson, WIlliam Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Carnegie

(Here’s the entire list, in case any of you are really into Atlanta history.)

I wonder if they were all aware that their names flanked our materials, or if Andrew Carnegie was just like, “Ladies, ladies, chill out!  These Presidents–these Presidents are so busy, they’ll never know.  Go ahead, put them on the stationary.  And if anyone complains, I’ll take care of ’em.”

Also, no offense to our current board, but come on.  You guys are clearly not famous enough.  I’m looking at you, Harold.

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