Month: June 2008

From the mailroom–

In 1931 the widow of Joel Chandler Harris sued Coca-Cola for infringing upon the Brer Rabbit “copyright.”

Atlanta Journal Reports that Coca Cola Responds to Uncle Remus Lawsuit

Click the pictures for a better view.  Please pardon the cut-and-paste…the clippings came from someone’s scrapbook and weren’t easily scanned together.

Atlanta Journal Reports that Coca Cola Responds to Uncle Remus Lawsuit in 1931

Slow news day, maybe?

I wonder if Mrs. Harris was upset or short on cash.  Probably both, I suppose.

As you might expect, back in the day the success of the Brer Rabbit stories led many companies to to capitalize on the names “Uncle Remus” or “Brer Rabbit” or “Briar Patch.”

Often, the spirit of the branding was, well, not terribly respectful:

Uncle Remus Brand Syrup

Before someone sent me this news clipping, I hadn’t heard of the Coca-Cola lawsuit.

Does anyone out there have any Brer Rabbit – Uncle Remus – Coca-Cola memorabilia?

A few minutes ago I answered the phone, and the caller asked if Lain was available. Typical fare.

Atypical: he also sounded exactly like my cousin, who periodically graces The Nest’s telephone with his unique and sonorous voice.

So naturally my response was, “Unfortunately, you just missed Lain. (pause) Am I related to you?!?”

I am not very smart.

Unsurprisingly, it was not in fact my cousin, but instead a mildly confused and (thankfully) very understanding stranger.

Professionalism at its best, folks.

On July 19th, the Wren’s Nest will be hosting a “Family Reunion”, aka Centennial Celebration of 100 years of honoring Joel Chandler Harris.

Family Reunion Invitation

(This is the least creepy way possible of saying we’re having a party for the anniversary of Harris’ death.)

Because this party is a Big Deal, we thought it would be best that more than 5 people attend.  So we sent out invitations.  Lots of ’em.  The image you see above is on the front of the invitation postcard; details and space for the address are on the back.

And then we started getting them back.  Lots of ’em.

They came back in bundles, all with the same label, telling us that no such address existed.  Thing is, the addresses were right.  We checked.  And then checked again. Even mine came back.  And you know what?  I’m proud to say that I can recognize my own address. I even have it memorized.

So today, sleuth that she is, Mama Shakes (also known as Annette, Lain’s mom) went to the post office to demand an explanation… in the most polite terms possible, I’m sure.

Family Reunion Back of Invitation with comments

Turns out the culprit is the location of our return address.  On some (but not all) of the invitations, the computer read this address as the “send to” address, sending them back to us in a jumble of confusion.

So I guess the point is, haven’t received an invitation yet?  It’s in the mail.

And!  I would be remiss not to point out that anyone who considers themselves part of the Wren’s Nest “family” is invited to this event.  Regular blog readers, that means you! (Just be sure to rsvp to!)

More often than not, our zip code is in the news for the wrong reasons.

AJC Map of Atlanta and 30310

This time around, we’re featured in the AJC for our unusually high foreclosure rate.  30310 is offering up 26 homes for auction this evening.

Regarding potential buyers, the article quotes West End real estate blogger Nia Knowles

“My fear is we’re going to have the same issue we had before.  I don’t want to be stuck with houses that aren’t properly managed by some investor who just flew in.”

If you live, say, outside of 30310 and read the papers, I wouldn’t blame you if you thought that the state of affairs in West End was pretty grim.

After all, we’ve been plagued by mortgage fraud, more than most communities.  Last November one dude pleaded guilty to mortgage fraud charges that affected 80 different properties, most of them in West End.

Thing is, I really like working in this neighborhood.  The people here are great, and the houses (that haven’t been foreclosed upon) are beautiful.  I walk from the Marta station most days.

And, significantly, there’s a sense of community here that many neighborhoods will never have.

While it’s a shame that bad press like this can fuel skewed perceptions, at least there’s the potential for new neighbors to purchase an intown house for a steal.


Did we mention that the 2008 Wren’s Nest Publishing Co. has officially begun? Probably not, because it did so the day before Wren’s Nest Fest, which erased 40% of my brain.

But! We’re now in the swing of things, with 6 great student editors and three meetings under our collective belt, the most recent of which was a trip to Paste Magazine.

Wren's Nest Publishing Company Meets Paste Magazine

(Three of our Editors.)

How delightfully timed!

Josh Jackson, the Editor-in-Chief, was kind enough to show us around and answer everyone’s questions and generally be way more gracious than he needed to be.

Wren's Nest Publishing Company Meets Paste Magazine Editor Josh Jackson

We accidentally interrupted steadfast work in the Metaleap Design studio.

Metaleap Designers are Proficient at Foosball

Somehow they were able to regain their composure in order to attend to our highly impatient group. Harumph!

Jose Reyes, Design Director, spent a good chunk of time generally being awesome and giving a side-by-side comparison of the magazine’s relatively new layout versus the old.

Wren's Nest Publishing Company Meets Paste Magazine Designer Jose Reyes from Metaleap

It was super neat to go from being like, “I swear, Paste looks different this month!” to learning the specific objectives achieved by the change and why they were chosen.

In short, it was a great trip to a great magazine with a great and kind staff. As usual, we felt lucky to be people who know people.

So thanks to everyone at Paste for guaranteeing the Editors have at least one good thing to say about the program.

(More posts about the Wren’s Nest Publishing Co. (both 2008 and 2007) here, here, here, and here. And here.)

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