Month: May 2008

It’s that time of year again, folks. Begging time!

Oliver Twist-esque fundraising methods

“Aren’t you guys always begging?” you may ask astutely. To that I answer, “Yep! But right now we’re doing it formally …with letters!”

You see, July 3rd, 2008 will mark the 100-year anniversary of Joel Chandler Harris’ death.

100 Year Anniversary of Joel Chandler Harris Death

And I ask you, is there a better way to recognize a full life and a lasting legacy than to ask for memberships?


Our goal is to have 400 memberships by the anniversary of JCH’s death, and we’re offering a special $100 “centennial” membership that comes with perks like free books and free admission and a sense of doing good. Though the last one comes every time you support the Nest! Hint! Hint!

In order to reach this goal, we’re bringing out the big guns. That’s right: personalized hand-written notes on each letter.

Ask nicely and carry a big pen

This is one of our most basic and successful tactics.

You know how you feel 10x as special when you get a card written by hand, rather than typed? Well, you’re not alone. Years and years of diligent research have shown us that everyone loves that. Well, at least literate people.

The only downside to this method is that it takes forever. Well, maybe not that long, but these have been a couple hand-cramped, semi-cranky days, I tell you what. If it weren’t for Scrabulous, I don’t know what we would have done.

Stuff White People Like is one of the smartest and funniest blogs on the internet.

While recent posts have been few and far between, the latest post–Being Offended–is very pertinent to the legacy of Joel Chandler Harris–

Naturally, white people do not get offended by statements directed at white people. In fact, they don’t even have a problem making offensive statements about other white people (ask a white person about “flyover states”). As a rule, white people strongly prefer to get offended on behalf of other people.

Tar Baby, anyone?

The fact that Joel Chandler Harris (white guy) recorded the stories of the slaves (enslaved Africans / African Americans / black people / folks he revered …you pick) he grew up with on the plantation–well, that makes him a perfect target for politically correct backlash.

Often, we hear that parents won’t bring their children here because we’re too racist. Other times, folks read the Joel Chandler Harris Wikipedia article and get all scholarly on us when we’re trying to give tours of the home.

Ironically, it’s almost always the white folks who are offended. I’m not saying that all white people get offended–I’m just saying that when we hear about how we’re kinda racist, well, it’s mostly white folks doing the talking.

Previously– Tar Baby is Alive and Well on the Internet

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Because Lain is a nerd / Executive Director of a non-profit, he tracks how many people visit our website, read the blog, etc. It’s a good way for us to see if our primary (only?) marketing effort is working, plus he’s a major fan of things like charts. Again, nerd.

The other day he noticed that we had a HUGE traffic increase. The same thing happened the next day. What gives, we asked?

The answer is: Chris Brown, heartthrob and enormous R&B star.

Chris Brown, heartthrob
(If only we had known to whom to give photo credit. Great work, anonymous!)

You see, a while back we wrote about how much preteen girls love Chris Brown (OMG a lot!!!!) and included the above picture to illustrate how totally hot he is.

Then, sometime last week Google Images changed their algorithms or logrollings or something and, somehow, we became the first result when you search for “Chris Brown”. Seriously, try it.

Hilarious, right?

Even better is the fact that all of the people (read: teenage girls) searching for “Chris Brown” see the following picture when they’re seeking out their man:

Lain and Amelia in front of the Full House House

Now, I know that some people prefer the awkward scene above to Chris Brown, but I can’t imagine there’s a ton of overlap between our fans.

… or is there?

Hi new Wren’s Nest blog/Chris Brown fans! Have you heard our theme song? I think it’s right up your alley.


Maybe Mr. Brown will take our present collaboration to heart and record an R&B version of our theme song. I smell Top 40!

Ladies and gentleman, this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. You may now all download our tax return and statement of review from this very web site.

If you’re interested in transparency, how we spend our money (75% on programming, thankyouverymuch), or downloading really big files, this is for you.

Check it

Georgia Center for the Book Has a Dope New Web Site

We at the Wren’s Nest are no strangers to the benefits of a dope new website.

Here’s what ours looked like before:

Bad Wren's Nest

The above picture used to be our entire site. And now just look around you for our critically acclaimed (guess what! I just became a critic!) after.

So, we’re happy for our chums over at Georgia Center for the Book. Not that there was anything particularly lacking in their old website, but man! This is sharp.

I especially like this new site because it makes their reading lists easy to find, and you know what? I love lists. All of ’em.

Now, while their Books All Georgians Should Read lists don’t exactly apply to me, I will let this slide on two accounts:

  1. The book I am currently reading, The Book of Marie by Terry Kay, is on the 2008 list.
  2. A little fellow (literally–he was pretty short) named Joel Chandler Harris made it too, with his Uncle Remus: The Complete Tales, in 2002.

Now, are you ready to have your mind blown? The protagonist in The Book of Marie is a (Joel Chandler) Harris scholar!

I said, !!!

I suggest you take the rest of the day off to get your wits about you.

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