Month: February 2007

How’s it going? If you stumbled over here for the first time via Metroblogging Atlanta or Facebook, howdy! I have a few things for you:

1. For most people admission to the Wren’s Nest is $8 for adults, $7 for students and seniors, and $5 for the children. For you, Metblog readers and Facebookers, admission is free. We’re open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am – 2:30 pm, with storytelling (at least) every Saturday at 1.

2. If you are very confused as to what the Wren’s Nest is exactly, you can get a brief rundown here. I’ve also got some more detailed information for you on Joel Chandler Harris and his particular flavor of the Br’er Rabbit stories if you’re interested.

3. For all you bloggers and writers out there, the Wren’s Nest is hosting a community service day here on April 14th around noon. Help me clean up our yard (we’re on 2.25 acres) and enjoy free beer, food, and music. Free beer! Plus, you can get together with all of your other blogger/writer friends and soon-to-be friends.

wren's nest

4. Questions? Email me: We’ve got a map to the Wren’s Nest on our home page.

That’s all for now. Thanks for joining us, and keep it locked (ctrl+D or RSS will do fine).

One of the problems I run into on a daily basis is having too many ideas. Not that I have so many, but regarding the Wren’s Nest at least, everybody’s got an idea. Rather, everyone has an opinion, and sometimes they confuse these with ideas and tell me about them.


Example: “I have an idea! Disney should do something about the Wren’s Nest! After all, Song of the South is one of the top 100 grossing films of all time, the Splash Mountain ride is based on Song of the South, and Disney still makes a lot of money off of the memorabilia.

Since Disney has refused to release Song of the South on videotape or DVD,

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What's New

It doesn’t feel like it’s been eight days.

I know you’re curious, so here’s the new stuff at the Wren’s Nest:

1. New bookshelf constrution has started. For those of you who have seen our “bookstore,” it’s got the pawn shoppy feel that only a mother could love. Carpenter / Guy Who I Sat Next To In Latin Class Eli is currently making a new bookshelf for us that will save space, look nice, help sell more stuff, and be pretty unique. ETA: Mid-March.

2. New website construction has started. For those of you who have seen our “website,” it’s got a bland made-in-sixty-minutes feel that only I could …tolerate for a couple months. Expert Marketer / Decatur Lover Lauren is currently designing our new website that will look nice, help sell more stuff, be just unique enough, and let folks know that the Wren’s Nest is still around. ETA: Early April.

3. New brochure construction has started. For those of you who have seen our “brochure,” it’s got a pasted together feel that is only mostly factually true. All around good guys Ron and Scot have gotten started and only need a few good tag lines to seal the deal. ETA: before the new website, I hope.

That’s about it. We’re cooking with gas over here now that we can pay the bill. Speaking of bills, we only owe money to the bank now, so we’re in the clear with our 18 other creditors. $75,000 to go!

Batting 1.000

Yes folks, results of our first grant proposal came in late yesterday afternoon. Guess what? We won! At this rate, we will win every grant we apply for.

You can read all the gritty details at the Metro Atlanta Arts Fund (thanks guys!), or you can hear it from me, Lain Shakespeare (, Executive Director, undefeated grant writer, and occasional blogger.

Basically, what we’ve been granted is intensive, free, and professional one-on-one consultation for a specific project. Our project will teach me and our board how to organize and orchestrate a volunteer program for the Wren’s Nest. Now, instead of me telling potential volunteers to “go back to the hole you crawled out of,” our consultant will teach me how to say something much more appealing and likely to attract even more volunteers.

Well worth it, I think. I’d expect more grants in the future, especially now that we will have an intern that will either write them for us or allow me to write them for us more easily.

That’s right, an intern for the lil ole Wren’s Nest. Her name is Carson. Take a gander:


While that particular picture may be a little dated, I do think it adequately displays her potential for greatness and success at the Nest.

Welcome, Carson. See you in March.

March is such a boring, stupid month.

There’s nothing to do. Whenever you think it’s going to be warm, it’s cold. Whenever you wear a jacket, turns out it’s too warm and you have to carry that same jacket everywhere. If there’s anything worse than that, I don’t know what it is.

St. Patrick’s Day? I’m not Irish and I don’t know anyone who is Irish*, even though my “beard” is red. They don’t even play the Masters in March.

March is a boring, stupid month, and I think the Atlanta Preservation Center agrees with me. Maybe that’s why they decided to do something about it.

A little something I (they) like to call Phoenix Flies!

They’ve got their own logo and website and everything!

(The Atlanta Preservation Center presents)

Even cooler than a logo, a website, and something to do in March: the Wren’s Nest is part of the tour!

For two weekends in March, tours and storytelling are totally free at the Wren’s Nest. Check it out, tell your friends. Kidnap them and bring them along if you have to. Maybe not kidnap.

Phoenix Flies offers a whole mess of stuff that is (a) totally sweet; (b) free; (c) fun; and (d) occasionally educational. So leave the kids at home. Or bring them. Do kids even like education these days?

Regardless, the Wren’s Nest isn’t even half of the fun. There’s so much more courtesy of Rhodes Hall, SCAD, Oakland Cemetery, the ING Marathon, Grant Park Conservency, the Atlanta History Center, etc. I would type more, but I’m getting sleepy.

Please check out the website and plan accordingly.

*not true. Joel Chandler Harris was Irish, and that makes me at least part Irish. That would explain the red beard, or lack thereof.

Literary Hotbed

For those of you who haven’t been paying any attention, Joel Chandler Harris is from Eatonton, Ga. So too is Alice Walker. To have one is pretty lucky for a small town like Eatonton. But two!

Then again, Milledgeville, Ga is only 20 miles away from Eatonton, and Milledgeville is of course home of Flannery O’Connor. What’s so special about the water in Lake Sinclair?


Don’t tell anyone I said this, but O’Connor is without question my favorite writer of the three. If that’s cheating I don’t even care.

If you’re curious and looking for a good place to start, might I recommend “Good Country People.” It’s short, don’t you worry. Plus, you can never go wrong with a character named Manley Pointer …unless of course you’re one of the other characters in the story.

Anyway, here’s the moral: today’s New York Times has a very cool piece on visiting the home and hometown of Flannery O’Connor. Do read it, and be sure and check out the audio slide show, too.

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